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2014 Golden Advocate Award Winners

Photos of the event are now available here

Category A: Advertising

Ad campaign

  • Gold to “Live LA Give LA – End of Year Fundraising Awareness Campaign” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “Glendale Adventist Medical Center Glendale Galleria Sky Banner” Glendale Adventist Medical Center
  • Bronze to “Together the Future is Bright ad campaign” CHOC Children’s Know

Multicultural Ad Campaign

  • Gold to “Live LA Give LA – End of Year Fundraising Awareness Campaign – Multicultural”Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Print Ad

  • Gold to “UC Irvine Health ‘The-Anti-Cancer’ Print Ad” Maricich Healthcare Communications
  • Silver to “Jacob Saves the World” Zamboo
  • Bronze to “King of the Castle” Zamboo

Direct Mail

  • Gold to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mailer” Loma Linda University Health, Ideation Promotions
  • Silver to “Path to Good Health Mailer” MemorialCare Medical Group


  • Gold to “L.A. Care Covered Outdoor Campaign” Maricich Healthcare Communications
  • Silver to “ Glendale Adventist Medical Center Americana at Brand Kiosks” Glendale Adventist Medical Center
  • Bronze to “ College Medical Center Billboard” Molina Healthcare, Inc.


  • Gold to “Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare ‘Healthy Driven’ TV Spot” Maricich Healthcare Communications
  • Silver to “Experience Providence – Television Campaign” Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance

Category B: Marketing/Communication Campaign

Crisis Communications

  • Silver to “Ebola Education and Awareness Campaign for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Staff” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Payer Termination Communications” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Community Relations

  • Silver to “Covered California Outreach and Education” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Baseball Fundraising Campaign” CHOC Children’s

New Program, Service or Facility/Company Launch

  • Gold to “PACE Expansion to the Inland Empire” InnovAge Greater California PACE
  • Bronze to “Diabetes and Obesity Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Internal Communications

  • Silver to “#iSupportOURmission – Mission Week Campaign” Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center Torrance
  • Bronze to “Smoke-Free Campus” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Overall Campaign

  • Gold to “Live LA Give LA – End of Year Fundraising Awareness Campaign” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “CHOC Link Launch Campaign” CHOC Children’s
  • Bronze to “UC Irvine Health ‘The-Anti-Cancer’ Overall Marketing Campaign” Maricich Healthcare Communications

Multicultural Campaign

  • Silver to “Community Health Councils ‘Know Your Digits’ Month” LAGRANT COMMUNICATIONS
  • Bronze to “L.A. Care Covered Multicultural Campaign” Maricich Healthcare Communications

Category C: Publications and Collateral Material

Newsletter or E-Newsletter

  • Gold to “Physicians Update” UCLA Health Marketing Communications
  • Silver to “Vital Signs” UCLA Health Marketing Communications
  • Bronze to “STAT – Employee Newsletter” White Memorial Medical Center


  • Gold to “U Magazine” UCLA Health Marketing Communications
  • Silver to “Imagine – 2014” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Healthy Living magazine” Eisenhower Medical Center


  • Gold to “Coping with Grief” UCLA Health, Marketing Communications
  • Silver to “CHOC Orthopaedic Institute Brochure” CHOC Children’s
  • Bronze to “Mother and Baby Care Campaign” Ava Alexander and Smart Art and Design for Good Samaritan Hospital

Annual Report

  • Gold to “ResearCHLA 2014” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “Wholeness: 2013 Loma Linda University Health Annual Report” Loma Linda University Health
  • Bronze to “Imagine” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Special Publications

  • Gold to “Infographic to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Associates and Affiliates of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Gold to “2015 Thrive Calendar” Kaiser Permanente
  • Silver to “Noche de Niños Carnaval Blanco Invitation” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Be You!  Fit | Smart | Healthy” Loma Linda University Health

Books or Booklets

  • Gold to “Healthworks Maintain Don’t Gain Build Your Meal Flipbook” Kaiser Permanente
  • Silver to “Strategic Alliances Sponsorship Opportunities Proposal” Loma Linda University Health
  • Silver to “IEHP Community Report Booklet 2011 -2014” Inland Empire Health Plan
  • Bronze to ”Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training” MAGNUS, Westcott Communications

Special Promotional Materials

  • Gold to “Be You!  Fit | Smart | Healthy” Loma Linda University Health
  • Silver to “Butterfly Ornament Supporting Helping Hands Fund” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Million Member Infographic” Inland Empire Health Plan

Category D: Branding/Corporate Identity

New Logo Creation

  • Gold to “Logo Treatment to Launch New Research Communications Efforts: ResearCHLA Blog” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “50th Anniversary Logo” CHOC Children’s
  • Bronze to “CHOC Link Logo” CHOC Children’s

Category E: Writing

Press Release or Pitch Letter

  • Gold to “Small Baby Unit Pitch” CHOC Children’s
  • Silver to “FPH employee donates a kidney to co-worker’s son” Citrus Valley Health Partners
  • Bronze to “Marketing of Quaintise Founder and Managing Director Raquel Baldelomar” Calvin Naito Enterprises

Complete Newsletter or Magazine

  • Gold to “Imagine” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


  • Gold to “Campaign for Cardiology” Ava Alexandar for Good Samaritan Hospital

Feature Article

  • Gold to “A Family Affair” UCLA Health Marketing Communications
  • Gold to “ Three of a Kind,” from Imagine, the magazine of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “Full Speed Ahead: Prosthetics allow Chilean teenager to run and bike” Loma Linda University Health
  • Silver to “A Sound Solution,” Imagine magazine, Winter 2014” Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “A Father in Full,” from Imagine, the magazine of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles



  • Gold to “Kim Cripe UCI Leadership Series Speech” CHOC Children’s
  • Silver to “ CHOC People”: CEO Speech at Gala Fund-raising Event” CHOC Children’s

Annual Report

  • Gold to “Imagine – Winter 2014” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “CHOC Annual Report” CHOC Children’s


  • Gold to ”Medical Healthcare Interpreter Training” MAGNUS, Westcott Communications
  • Silver to ”An Enduring Connection” (a Children’s Hospital Los Angeles blog post)” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “Together We Make a Difference,” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 2013 Community Benefit Report” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to ”Game Changer,” from Imagine, the magazine of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Category F: Video

Internal Video Production

  • Gold to “Organ Donor Management” GOAL Productions / OneLegacy
  • Gold to “Living Donation: A Family Transformed” GOAL Productions / OneLegacy
  • Silver to “A&A’s 100 Year Anniversary Celebration” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Introductory Training Video” Inland Empire Health Plan

External Video Production

  • Gold to “Pink Glove Dance Video Competition” Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Marketing Department
  • Silver to “Helping Hands” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Why Work for Molina?” Molina Healthcare, Inc.

Computer-based Presentation

  • Silver to “CHOC Marketing Presentation” CHOC Children’s

Category G: Digital Marketing/Communications

Website or Intranet

  • Gold to “Share the Love: Send a Valentine to a Child in the Hospital!” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to “PAWS – Physician and Associate Web Site” CHOC Children’s
  • Bronze to “” CHOC Children’s

Social Media

  • Gold to “Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Dances to the Top in Pink Glove Dance Video Competition” Porter Novelli & Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • Silver to “ResearCHLA Blog (” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “Pay It Forward: Molina Healthcare’s Community Champions Awards Facebook Challenge” Molina Healthcare, Inc

Interactive Media

  • Gold to “CHLA Patient Plays With LEGOS to Overcome Pain” Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles
  • Silver to “Young Leukemia Patient Breathes New Life Into Barbie Doll” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “His Leukemia in Remission, Juanito is Off and Running in the L.A. Marathon” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Category H: Media Relations

Single Placement

  • Gold to “Breaking the Sound Barrier” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Silver to ”Embarazadas afectadas por el regreso del H1N1,” La Opinion” Porter Novelli & Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
  • Bronze to “For Kim Pham’s Hospital Team, Tender Care and a Hard Goodbye” St. Joseph Hospital of Orange

Media Relations Campaign

  • Gold to “21st Annual Foundation Gala and Benefit Concert: I’m Possible” Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital
  • Silver to “AltaMed Health Services’ Covered California Enrollment” Miller Geer & Associates
  • Bronze to “CHOC Infusionarium” CHOC Children’s

Category I: Special Event

  • Gold to “Rock Your Workout” Molina Healthcare, Inc.
  • Bronze to “Redlands Community Hospital – Babies in Stockings” Miller Geer & Associates

Category J: Off the Wall

  • Gold to “Stand Together – Heart Wall” Zamboo
  • Silver to “Imagine: A Celebration of Hope” Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
  • Bronze to “One Disease, Many Faces” Zamboo
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